what mndfl mthd. clients are saying

D.P. Perhaps a little skeptical at first, and wasn’t sure the MNDFL MTHD. 12 week coaching program would align with his mindset or fit with his busy schedule, let alone his daily habits.

“My biggest breakthrough was learning how to manage and control my cravings, focus on high protein meals daily and overcome an injury without completely falling off the wagon.”

12 weeks later D.P. shed over 15lbs of belly fat and got shredded. Feeling strong running up and down the court, has overcome a nagging shoulder injury, learned how to avoid certain processed foods and incorporate more satiating nourishing foods in his meals.

“I was surprised at how manageable this all was. I’d recommend this program for every guy who’s struggling with a routine to lose belly fat, learn what to eat and wants to feel as good as they look. It’s easier than you think, and it works!”

J.P. a busy business owner and single dad of 3; ready to start focusing on his health, energy, looking and feeling better, and run the soccer field. Health wasn’t a priority prior to starting; drinking a bottle of liquor a week, eating out often, having poor and inconsistent sleep and on a good day maybe did 300 steps.

“My first big breakthrough was just getting started and Mike gave me the guidance and direction to really make it simple for me. When I follow a program, have someone checking in with me constantly and answering any questions that come up, it gets easier as I continue to build really good habits as a business owner and dad to use my time effectively and sustain it.”

3 months later J.P. went an entire 30 days without cigarettes (his first time ever), his sleep routine has significantly improved, he’s learned and enjoyed making home cooked meals while still enjoying his favourite pasta. He started walking 12k steps on a consistent basis and felt good! He can run  the field when playing soccer for 2 hours feeling stronger, able to keep up and without being out of breath.

⁠”I’d recommend this to literally everyone. The flexibility in this program is amazing for busy dads.”

C.S. is a busy dad of 3, business owner and has been able to make his health a priority, SHRED belly fat, and do it all while building and cultivating new sustainable habits he can stick to at any age.

Before we started working together C.S. was challenged with making his healthy habits a priority, learning how to strength train properly and following a program, and set specific fitness goals to work on.

C.S. decided to take a leap and give Mindful Method. a shot; give it his all to learn the most from the program.

“My biggest breakthrough

1) becoming a non-smoker (never thought I would be doing this so soon!!)
2) learning the importance of and incorporating nutrition (eating 200g + of protein daily) and wellness into a healthy balanced lifestyle by implementing all the key habits I’ve learned from ML’s 12 Week Coaching Program into my daily life.

It didn’t matter if I was traveling, on the road, or working from home!

I am in the BEST SHAPE of my life at almost 40 years old!”

5 months later, C.S. lost over 20lbs of belly fat, went from 25% body fat to a whopping 17% built some SERIOUS lean muscle, feeling stronger, healthier, and fitter than EVER.

Father and finance expert in his 30s,; R.P. has been able to make his health a priority, cut belly fat, and maintain it all while still enjoying life and being a rockstar dad!

Before we began working together R.P. was challenged with making his health a priority, spend some time in the gym, and pay attention to his mental and physical health all while juggling the responsibilities of being a dad and navigating his busy work schedule.

He realized from the conversations we had more recently, …THAT it was time to focus on his health and become a FIT DAD to do the things he wanted to do with his kids at any age and have the energy to do so.

“My biggest breakthrough was finding activities I really love and enjoy doing. From strength training 3x/week, to cycling and being able to implement all the key habits I’ve learned from ML’s 12 Week Coaching Program into my daily life. It didn’t matter if I was working from home, on the road or up north at the cottage! It was and has been great to this day.”

12 weeks later, R.P. lost over 15lbs of belly fat, built some SERIOUS lean muscle, feeling stronger, healthier and fitter than EVER before to do all the activities, sports, and adventures he loves to fill his life with.

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