Mndfl Mthd. ONLINE coaching program can be done from anywhere in the world.


When you enrol in the Mindful Method. program, we start off with a one-on-one zoom call to uncover your current challenges and talk about your goals and what optimal health and performance look like to you.

Together we build a customized plan to move you through the following stages:

The first step in this transformation is creating a detailed dream version of you of how you want to look and feel. Our signature program helps you vividly imagine yourself in your ideal state 1 year from now. Specific tools and techniques help you bring focus and clarity as you begin your transformation.

Next we work together to uncover your daily and weekly habits and routines. We go through a series of exercises that will bring awareness to the unconscious decisions and routines that have become automated in your day and life and that may not be in line with where you want to go. 

We will determine your daily targets based on your goals and incorporate your eating habits and preferences into the system to ensure you are seeing actual results while getting stronger and energized going forward. 

The Mindful Method. programming is focused on your overall health, limitations, injuries and equipment you have access to. Using a combination of strength and hypertrophy exercises to get you stronger, and build lean muscle and definition to help you build your dream physique. Coach Mike is also a trained Mobility Specialist and will help you eliminate joint pain, improve mobility restrictions, and address other problems caused by lack of movement and too much time sitting at the office.


Coach Mike will teach you proven methods to optimize your sleep, effectively deal with stress, and truly take control of your health. We will also cover suggested supplementation to give you an extra boost, recover faster and give you the knowledge and skills to live your best in all areas of life.

Joining the Mndfl Mthd. Collective means...

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& Accountability. 

This is more than just a workout program and meal plan. Mindful Method. is about helping men achieve their optimal self without sacrificing the foods they love and without having a restrictive diet.
Helping and guiding you to learn the fundamental techniques to help reprogram sabotaging habits and unleash your full potential.

“What makes online coaching more effective than in person personal training?”


It’s not what differentiates online versus in person that is more beneficial, rather; it’s what makes the program MNDFL MTHD. stand out from others. 

Coach Mike has spent the last decade developing a unique method during his own journey to optimal health. Through hacking and fine tuning his abilities and knowledge he has produced an efficient 12 week Online Coaching Program to help men worldwide regardless of location, age, or fitness level reach their goals. 

“Keeping you accountable and on track on an on-going basis to achieve outstanding results has never been easier than it is now with this online coaching program”  – Coach Mike. 

It was difficult to fine tune the small daily habits like; sleep, stress, meals, movement, hydration, mindfulness and strength training when it was only in person.

Accountability is different when you have a group of likeminded people cheering you on. Training is different when you can track and view your progress in the MNDFL MTHD App and the process is more fruitful when it’s tailored to YOU.

How Mndfl Mthd. was born


Mindful Method has a great library of videos for you to reference if you have questions. If you don’t see something in there send Coach Mike a message on the app and he will send you a how to video or provide deeper explanation. Worse case scenario; skip that moment and you can come back to it later.

Focus on building healthy eating habits, eating real whole food the majority of the time and building a lifestyle routine you can sustain and feel good about! Coach Mike will continually give nutrition tips and advice.

Yes, you can drink alcohol if that is a way you like to enjoy life. Limit your weekly drinks to a certain amount (eg. 5/week)

It is possible that Coach Mike will make equipment suggestions/recommendations based on your goals and how quickly you’d like to achieve them if you do not have access to a gym, however; this is not a requirement and Coach Mike will try and work with what you have accessible if purchasing things is not possible.

Mindful Method. app is a great way to track your macros (protein/carbs/fats) and everything you consume on a daily basis.

Once you are a part of the Mindful Method 12 Week Program you will have full access to the Mindful Method App where you can live chat with Mike about anything! This is a great way to check in, ask questions and keep yourself accountable. You can even cheer on others in the group here!

Full payment is required up front through credit card.

There is no cancellation/ refund offered unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Yes, The Mindful Method. App – you will get access to this once you register for the 12 Week Program.

“I was surprised at how manageable this all was. I’d recommend this program for every guy who’s struggling with a routine to lose belly fat, learn what to eat and wants to feel as good as they look. It’s easier than you think, and it works!” - D.P

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