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Team Call – May 2024

TOPIC: Meal Planning with Guest Speaker Kristine

Team Call – April 2024

TOPIC: Non Negotiables for Building Muscle

Team Call – March 2024

TOPIC: Fasting

Team Call – February 2024

TOPIC: sleep hacks to BOOST ENERGY 

Team Call – January 2024

TOPIC: Nutrition Reset

Team Call – December 2023

TOPIC: Navigating The Holidays

Team Call – November 2023

TOPIC: Guest Speaker: Mike Zornes discussing the art of negotiation – Chris Voss’ Black Swan MasterClass 

Team Call – October 2023

TOPIC: Coach Mike’s Favourite Supplement Stack. 

Team Call – October 2023

TOPIC: My Story & Alcohol

Team Call – August 2023

TOPIC: Stress Management – how to manage and cope, some useful tools and techniques to consider. 

Team Call – January 2023

TOPIC: How to manage and reduce CRAVINGS

Team Call – November 2022

TOPIC: The ONLY way to reduce inflammation and prevent it.